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Learn what podcast equipment to buy in 3 easy steps.

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Let me be your guide...

I’m Jeff Large and I run Come Alive Creative, a podcast strategy and production agency that helps brands launch their own podcasts. I’ve been working in audio for over 15 years and producing podcasts for over 6 years.

Podcasting is an excellent way to grow an audience but knowing what equipment to buy can be costly, overwhelming, and confusing. That’s why I made this site. It’s your definitive resource for choosing podcast equipment. Sign up and you'll receive my complete list of podcast equipment recommendations. Each following email lesson is simple, understandable, and easy to act on.

Avoid the stress of reviewing and choosing equipment. Stop postponing the start of your podcast. I’ve helped many others launch successful podcasts. Let me help you too.

Kind words from others

  • Aleana Bargaoui "I can describe Jeff as a real human being, someone who truly cares and has so much empathy and love for others. We worked together on the One Stop Shop Podcast for Receiptful, and I didn't have any podcast-recording experience prior to this, but his guidance helped me ease into the role. His skills were instrumental in our success.”
    Aleana Bargaoui User Success Specialist & Co-Host / Conversio (formerly Receiptful)
  • Carrie Dils “Working with Jeff was a great experience. He's got plenty of technical know-how when it comes to editing podcasts but what I really appreciated most was his ability to guide me on a podcasting strategy. I'd work with him again and most definitely recommend him to others.”
    Carrie Dils Writer, Teacher, Speaker, and Podcast Host, Office Hours FM
  • Lily Wang "I landed myself in an opportunity where I was tasked to help launch the second season of a podcast series. I had absolutely no experience or knowledge about the podcast world until I found Jeff! He was my saving grace. He helped us with getting the right equipment, training on how to use it, did our editing and show notes, and really just became our podcast producer. 6 months into season two, I can confidently say that I am a podcast master. He is especially strategic, thoughtful, and professional."
    Lily Wang Former Executive Assistant, Leading Voices in Real Estate Podcast
  • Yvonne McClellan "I was all over the place - unprepared, anxious, lacked the appropriate technical knowledge and I was on a budget. Still, Jeff was willing and able to coach me by asking specific questions so he could have clarity on how his services could be of help. Once I was able to give him some direction of my start-up needs, he immediately put together a list of items/equipment to be purchased, along with a diagram of how each piece would connect. After giving me some time to purchase and put it all together, Jeff followed up to see how things were going and if I was able to get started...
    I am very thankful and would highly suggest anyone to utilize his services not only because he's very knowledgeable in this area but because he was patient and kind in the process and more than willing to help."
    Yvonne McClellan Personal Development Coach

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